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  • Black Tea

    Black Tea

    With over 50 years of Australian craftsmanship in every cup, our Black Tea stands as a testament to time-honoured expertise. Our premium blends yield bold and full-bodied flavours

  • Herbal Infusions

    Herbal Infusions

    Our deliciously herbal infusions have been expertly created using only the finest organic ingredients which makes them unique and delicious.

  • Green Tea

    Green Tea

    The origins of Green Tea go back more than 5,000 years when the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung discovered and drank it due to its exquisite aroma.

  • Caffeine-Free


    Caffeine-free tea offers the advantage of providing a soothing and relaxing beverage making it suitable for evening consumption and for those sensitive to caffeine's stimulating effects.

Our Story

Blending tradition with excellence

Nerada Tea’s mission is simple – to produce Australia’s freshest, finest and most sustainable teas and infusions.

Tea Talk

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  • Teas for Boosting the Immune System

    Teas for Boosting the Immune System

    Whether you're trying to avoid getting sick or trying to speed up recovery, there’s only one thing for it: a cup of hot tea!
  • Hot Toddy Recipe

    Hot Toddy Recipe

    The perfect way to fight the winter chill (for those of drinking age, of course!), this tea-infused cocktail will soon be your go-to for cold nights or when you’re hosting loved ones
  • The Best Teas for The Morning

    The Best Teas for The Morning