Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Our Environmental Footprint

Since the early days of our business, Nerada has been driven by a desire to work in harmony with the environment and take our social responsibility seriously. In fact, it is our ongoing commitment to conserving our natural resources that recently earned us the Rainforest Alliance certification seal of approval.

To uphold this certification, the Nerada Tea plantation must keep a watchful eye over how much energy and water is consumed through our production processes. We must work to protect the natural ecosystems of our region, maintain wildlife corridors and aquatic ecosystems, and support the protection of endangered species and other fauna in the local area. This includes taking care of our precious tree-kangaroos, Misty, Billy and their extended family, who live on our estate.

Our high level of quality control, combined with Australia’s strict quarantine laws, means the Nerada Tea plantation is entirely pesticide-free. It’s a stamp we extend across our Australian-grown tea range. The remainder of the Nerada range is organically grown.

We are signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant and our Action Plan is here.


We believe in fair and ethical working practices.

We're committed to upholding our social responsibility by championing equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace. Many of Nerada’s employees have been working with the business for decades, and we cherish the relationships the Nerada family has built with our employees over the years.