How to Make Iced Tea

Iced tea is a classic summer drink, but it can be enjoyed all year long. It’s delicious, refreshing and super versatile. Once you master the basics, you can experiment with different flavoured teas and garnishes, and even add alcohol to make refreshing iced tea cocktails. Feeling thirsty already? Learn how to make the perfect iced tea with our step-by- step guide and easy iced tea recipes below.

What tea is best for Iced tea?

Iced tea first appeared in the USA in the 1860s, where it was made with black tea and served on hotel menus and at railroad stations. Since then, its popularity has spread around the world as a mainstream beverage. In Japan, iced green tea is a popular bottled drink; in Taiwan it’s all about bubble tea made with tapioca pearls; and iced herbal teas are now fashionable alternatives to alcohol from Los Angeles to right here in Brisbane.

When it comes to making iced tea at home, there are no hard and fast rules as to what tea is best to use. Rather, that choice depends on the flavour and function of your drink. Black tea brings a rich, tannic, woody flavour that works well with sweet acidic fruit like pineapple and lemon, while green tea with its buttery, floral notes can be enjoyed as is or garnished simply with slice of cucumber or lime. For caffeine-free iced tea, herbal infusions bring maximum flavour without the caffeine buzz. Peppermint and ginger make a crisp refreshing drink, while hibiscus and rosehip are naturally sweet, and camomile lends a light floral perfume.

Whether you prefer to drink black, green or herbal teas, you can simply brew and chill your favourite Nerada tea to make delicious, thirst-quenching iced teas at home.

How do you make iced tea?

Once you select the type of tea or herbal infusion you would like to use, simply brew your tea as if you were making a regular cup of tea, using 1 teabag per 200ml boiling water per person. Leave the teabag to infuse for up to 5 minutes (keep it shorter for green tea, which becomes bitter the longer you infuse it), then remove the teabag and chill the liquid in the fridge. One chilled, you can serve the chilled tea over ice, or get creative and combine it with other flavours to make healthy summer coolers and even iced tea cocktails.

How to flavour iced tea?

Fresh fruit, fruit juices, herbs, honey, maple syrup and alcohol all bring flavour to your iced tea. Using fresh fruit and natural fruit juice is a healthy way to bring natural sweetness. Natural alternatives to refined sugar and calorific sugar syrups include honey and maple syrup, used in moderation. Freshly picked herbs such as basil, peppermint, lemon verbena and thyme add herbaceous sweet-savoury notes for a depth of flavour without the sugar. If you want to transform your iced tea into a party cocktail, you can stir through a spirit such as tequila, vodka or whisky, or make a celebratory spritz by adding sparkling wine or Prosecco.

Healthy iced tea recipes

Nerada has a range of herbal infusions and teas which make the perfect ingredients for making iced tea. They are simple to make, simply brew, chill and enjoy. Here are some of our favourites to enjoy:

Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea

Our uniquely Australian Loose Leaf Black Tea with Lemon Myrtle  is one of our favourite brews, but it’s just as refreshing with its delicate creamy citrus flavour served as an iced tea.

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Peppermint & Apple Iced tea

An easy, caffeine-free iced tea that’s a healthy twist on a GnT made with our Nerada peppermint infusion, apple juice and garnished with cucumber.

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Pineapple Iced Tea

Iced tea is a refreshing way to drink your black tea over the warmer months. And this sugar- free recipe hits the spot. Our Australian grown black tea  contains antioxidants, while fresh pineapple juice and mint bring natural sweetness for guilt-free drinking.

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Iced Green Tea

Cheers to healthy drinking with this iced green tea recipe that combines the floral, grassy notes of green tea with a refreshing twist of lemon and mint.

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Lemon, ginger & lychee iced tea

Inspired by the aromatic flavours of South East Asian cuisine, this refreshing lemon and ginger iced tea combines our Nerada Lemon and Ginger infusion coconut, lychee and kaffir lime for an impressive booze-free tipple you can serve at your next party.

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Alcoholic iced tea recipes

Looking for a party starter to enjoy that’s got a unique flavour? Here are some of the classics that will sure to be a hit with your guests.

Hibiscus & Cranberry Spritz

This crimson twist on the Aperol Spritz subs out Aperol for the refreshing flavours of cranberry and hibiscus that come from our unique Nerada Hibiscus and Lemongrass herbal infusion. It’s a vibrant summer cocktail you can make in just three ingredients.

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Peppermint Rock Cocktail

Christmas in a glass! This fun festive cocktail is a refreshingly smooth tipple and tastes just like a minty candy cane. Our Nerada Organic Peppermint infusion the true hero of this delicious drop.

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Long Island Iced Tea

Did you know that the classic cocktail Long Island Iced Tea doesn’t actually contain any tea? Nonetheless it’s incredibly popular. In this recipe, we’ve added a shot of Nerada 100% Australian grown black tea to the mix to cut through the sweetness for a delicious twist on this timeless cocktail.

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More Iced tea recipes

Still in need of some inspiration? These are some of the crowd favourites from our Nerada fans that have been gathered by our family over the last fifty years. Quite a selection to enjoy.

Mojito Mocktail Iced tea

Non-alcoholic cocktails are the drinks trend of the year, and we’ve used the refreshing flavour of Nerada Organics Peppermint tea in this booze-free minty mojito.

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Iced Chai Latte

While spiced chai tea is known for its warming properties, this iced chai recipe uses the Nerada Chai tea as a base to make a refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed all year round. The perfect way to start your day.

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Camomile & Pineapple Iced Tea

Slake summer thirsts with this healthy iced tea flavoured with pineapple, basil and the floral notes of Nerada camomile infusion.

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Learn more about iced tea

Keen to learn more about iced tea? Read more on the fascinating history of iced tea here.