Ever dreamt of road-tripping around Queensland? There are so many reasons to get planning that bucket-list trip – the beaches, the outback, the rainforests, the list goes on. But what about the BIG THINGS? These iconic sights are sometimes just as exciting to see as Queensland’s natural wonders, and there is something for everyone. From oversized fruit to super-sized animals, there are a lot of Big Things to explore. We have made a list of our favourites to accompany you on your next journey, including Australia’s biggest tea estate in Far North Queensland, Nerada Tea. Make this your sign to get out and explore this diverse and enormous state.  

Here’s five of our favourites:


1. The Big Mango – Bowen 

The Big Mango

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There is no chance you will drive through Bowen without seeing The Big Mango. It is enormous, measuring 10 metres tall, and resides next to the Visitor Centre. It’s the perfect stop if you are on your way to the Whitsundays, the friendly staff will help you plan for some epic adventures on the ocean. Before you leave, buy a tub of their frozen mango - on a hot day you will not taste anything better!  


2. The Big Dugong – Rockhampton 

Image Credit: Mark Monty 

Considering Rockhampton is known for its beef production, you would think it would be all about the Big Cow, but not quite. As well as six cows on the main street, The Big Dugong takes pride of place in this hot and bustling town. The massive 22 metre structure symbolises the Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture and is situated just outside the Cultural Centre. These shy sea mammals are hard to spot in the wild, so this might be as close as you get to one. Get that photo, quick!  


 3. The Big Pineapple – Sunshine Coast 

The Big Pineapple

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There is no doubt that when it comes to Big Things, like The Big Pineapple the bigger the better. Currently closed but be sure to keep an eye on the website for opening times. 


4. The Biggest Tea Estate – Atherton Tablelands 

The Biggest Tea Estate

Most people have no idea that we grow tea in Australia, let alone that Far North Queensland is home to The Biggest Tea Estate in Australia. In the quaint town of Malanda on the Atherton Tablelands is Australia’s largest tea estate – yes that’s right it’s the home of Nerada Tea, with 360 hectares of tea fields. The rich volcanic soils and unique microclimate are the perfect location for growing camelia sinensis, otherwise known as tea bushes. The tea is all grown pesticide free, a picturesque sight!  

The lush green fields make for the most stunning selfie backdrop, and you might also be lucky enough to spot the rare and elusive Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo, which live in the trees on the estate. 


 5. The Big Easel – Emerald 

The Biggest Easel

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Behold the beauty of The Big Easel in Emerald. This 25 metre tall steel structure depicts the famous Van Gough Sunflowers painting and is truly magnificent. If you are planning a visit to the sapphire fields for some gem-hunting you will not want to miss this delightful and surprising sight along the way.  


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