How to host a tea-riffic high tea

Is there anything more decadent than hosting a high tea? It’s the perfect excuse to catch up with friends, use the fine china, and sit back and enjoy your finest Nerada teas.

Most commonly enjoyed in the afternoon (although any old time of the day would suit!), high tea feels almost whimsical in nature – a hint of English aristocracy meets the Mad Hatters Tea Party. From five star hotels to hipster havens, there are now a myriad of places for you to enjoy this heavenly experience. And of course, it all begins with the tea.

The history of the high tea

Despite high tea’s lavish reputation these days, its origins are much more lowbrow. The tradition began in Britain in the 1700s and was an afternoon meal for the working man served standing up or seated on stools, thus the name high tea. Unlike afternoon tea, which was taken sitting low on sofas and arm chairs, high tea was served at high table, which may also explain its name.

These days high tea is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion from birthdays and anniversaries to a bridal shower or the impending arrival of a baby. Or it’s simply a great excuse to get your friends together for a long overdue catch-up, and it’s any easy thing to host at home.

In today’s busy world, the ritual of high tea is the perfect way to slow down, and do something special for yourself and your friends – take time out. So don’t wait for an occasion and invite your friends over for a fun, tea-filled afternoon.

Some High Tea Tips

High tea can be as simple or as sumptuous as you like, but why not go all out? Before your guests arrive, lay out all the teacups and saucers, napkins with a selection of Nerada teas for them to choose from. And the pièce de résistance is, of course, a gorgeous teapot. If you’ve got a fine bone china version that was passed down from your grandmother tucked away, now is the time to dig it out and put it to good use. A tiered cake stand is a high tea must-have so you can serve your dainty sandwiches, desserts and scones. Place a vase of fresh spring blooms in pastel colours in the centre of the table to complete the look. As your friends arrive they’ll feel as if they are stepping into an elegant tearoom in a luxury hotel.

High Tea Treats

High tea is a time to indulge. Think bite-size lemon curd tarts, single-serve chocolate mousse, tiny cupcakes, finger sandwiches filled with chicken, egg or wafer-thin cucumber, miniature quiches, and warm scones just out of the oven, served with jam and lashings of cream. Let the enticing smell of baking fill your home as your friends arrive – what a welcome! If cooking isn’t your thing or you’re time-poor (who isn’t these days?), buy in delicious teatime treats. And needless to say it’s not high tea without several cups of tea, so get the kettle on and brew your favourite Nerada tea! With free-flowing tea, comes free-flowing conversation, perfect for when friends to get together no matter what the occasion.

Don’t forget to include a range of different teas for guests to enjoy. The Nerada Australian Earl Grey is always popular, as is our Royal Devonshire or if you can’t decide our Australian black tea combination packs are always a crowd favourite.