Australian Breakfast Black Tea with Lemon Myrtle Loose Leaf 125g

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Embark on a flavorful journey with our Australian Breakfast Tea—a robust blend that pays homage to the sun-kissed landscapes of Australia. This invigorating infusion combines the bold richness of black tea leaves with the citrusy freshness of native Lemon Myrtle. Awaken your senses to the deep, malty notes of the black tea, perfectly complemented by the lively, lemony undertones of the Lemon Myrtle. Whether you're starting your day or seeking a midday pick-me-up, this uniquely Australian twist on the classic breakfast tea offers a delightful fusion of tradition and local flair. Embrace the spirited essence of Down Under in every cup as you sip on the harmonious balance of strength and zest. Elevate your tea ritual with the vibrant character of Australian Breakfast—a tea that captures the essence of the land and the warmth of a welcoming morning.

Package contains 125g Loose Leaf Tea.

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Black Tea (70%), Lemon Myrtle (30%)

Place one teaspoon per person into the teapot, plus one for the pot. Pour in freshly boiled water and allow to infuse for 2-5 minutes or until brewed to your liking. Drink with or without milk.