Pure Organic Tea

Green Tea

50 x Tea Bags

The origins of Green Tea go back more than 5000 years when the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung discovered and drank it due to its exquisite aroma. It is said he proclaimed it gave him vigour of the body, contentment of the mind and determination of purpose. Our Organic Green Tea has been carefully selected and grown using only nature’s natural resources.

This product is also available in a 100 x Tea Bags pack.

Looking to buy this tea? You can purchase it at most major Australian supermarkets and independent grocery stores. Can’t find it? Be sure to contact us and we’ll help you locate a local stockist.

At Nerada, our mission is simple: to produce the finest and most sustainable teas & infusions, crafted with honesty and care.

100% Natural Ingredients
We like to do things the natural way. That’s why our deliciously refreshing teas & herbal infusions have been expertly created only using the finest organic ingredients from our trusted growing partners which makes them unique and delicious.