Our mission

Australia's Finest Tea

Nerada Tea's mission is simple – to produce Australia’s freshest, finest and most sustainable tea. Depending on the season, Nerada Tea can travel from crop to cup in as little as four weeks, placing it among the world's freshest. In this short amount of time, our tea is harvested, fermented, dried, packaged and placed on the shelf, ready for you to take home, brew and enjoy. This level of freshness can not be equalled by tea from India, Sri Lanka or China.

Proudly Grown in Australia

Our black tea is 100% Australian grown. Cultivated in the lush, tropical climate of the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, our tea grows in perfect harmony with its surrounding environment. Our environmental footprint is as light as possible. No pesticides are used in the cultivation of our tea and our plantation is not irrigated. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices has recently gained us Rainforest Alliance certification.

A Commitment to Australia

Nerada Tea's community extends from our Australian farmers, producers, packers and distributors right through to you, our tea drinker. Wherever possible, our ingredients and packaging are sourced from Australian producers. We’re renowned for our tea but it’s our loyal and passionate team members who make our company so special. Many employees have been part of the Nerada family for more than 30 years, bringing a level of expertise and knowledge to our tea production that is unparalleled in other parts of the world.