Introducing Our New English Breakfast Tea Range

Behind the scenes, we have been busy creating a more premium and bold black tea using only the finest, carefully selected leaf & ensures a rich and full-bodied brew, cup after cup. We know our consumers love a full-bodied cuppa and we strive hard to ensure we deliver on this promise. Nerada’s new pack design pays respect to our 'since 1971' heritage and transports Nerada into the modern era. Shop Our English Breakfast Range Here.

We will be transitioning our Black Tea Range to the English Breakfast Tea Range over time. However, you can still order your favorite black tea on our online store whilst this transition happens and stocks last. You can also purchase our new range to give it a try. The Black Tea range formats will eventually be replaced by the following:

  • Black Tea 25s Pack Tagged Tea Bags → English Breakfast Tagged Tea Bags 25s Pack 
  • Black Tea 50s Pack Tagged Tea Bags → English Breakfast  Tagged Tea Bags 50s Pack 
  • Black Tea 100 Pack Tagged Tea Bags →  English Breakfast  Tagged Tea Bags 100 Pack 
  • Black Tea 100 Pack Tagless Tea Bags → English Breakfast Tagless Tea Bags 100 Pack 
  • Black Tea 200 Pack Tagless Tea Bags → English Breakfast Tagless Tea Bags 200 Pack 

Please see below to answer any questions you may have.

Q. If this is more premium, will it cost me more to buy?

A. No. Whilst the new English Breakfast range is made using more premium teas, we have not increased the price. We are able to offer this new and exciting Premium range at the same price as before

Q. Has the blend or product changed?

A. We have been busy creating a more premium blend and are happy to let you know the English Breakfast range is rich and full-bodied, delivering the same great taste. There are no changes to our herbal infusion blends

Q. Why change the name from Black Tea to English Breakfast?

A. In 2023, we undertook consumer research showing the majority of consumers navigate the Tea range by asking for an English Breakfast tea which is another term for Black Tea. This is inline with modernising our Brand and quality along with the new look pack.

Q. Is the English Breakfast tea range free from pesticides?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make this claim with our English Breakfast tea range.

We take great care when sourcing our quality ingredients, and conduct independent sample analysis to ensure these ingredients are within allowable pesticide levels & residue limits which abides by Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ).

Q. Has the blend or product changed? 

We have been busy creating a more premium blend and are happy to let you know the English Breakfast range is made from 100% black tea leaves. It is a rich and full-bodied black tea with a great flavour profile.

Q. Is the Nerada English Breakfast Tea Australian grown tea?

Our English Breakfast black tea contains Australian-grown teas from our Atherton Tablelands plantation in addition to specially selected fuller bodied imported black tea from Rainforest Alliance certified growers resulting in a rich and bold flavour.

Q. Is the Nerada Tea Plantation in Atherton Tablelands QLD still operating?

The Nerada Tea Plantation is currently in hibernation where it is undergoing a period of transition. We’re working on repurposing the plantation to produce a range of new & innovative tea products. We’re very proud of being Australia’s largest tea plantation and are excited to bring these products to the Australian market. Rest assured that our entire Nerada tea range is proudly based and packed in Queensland.

You can find out more about what we’re up to by reading a recent interview in the Courier Mail with our CEO by clicking here.

What else has changed?

  • English Breakfast range will replace Black Tea range
  • Cup or Pot bags are now called tagless tea bags
  • New look packs will commence rolling out to a store near you

If you have any further questions please contact us at