Loose-leaf tea

Tea drinkers around the world have long loved the ritual attached to making a pot of loose-leaf tea. The choice of loose-leaf over teabags often comes down to time and convenience, which is why most tea lovers prefer having both styles available to enjoy.

Nerada has been growing and making Australian loose-leaf tea since the 1970s, and our team knows just how to make a perfect cuppa. They like it strong, but if you follow these simple rules, you’ll be able to brew it just how you like it.

How to brew a perfect pot of loose-leaf tea

  1. Pour some fresh cold water into a kettle and bring it to the boil.
  2. Use a teaspoon to measure your Nerada loose-leaf tea. Our general rule is one per person and ‘one for the pot’, so if you’re making tea for two, you’ll be adding three teaspoons of leaves.
  3. Pour the just-boiled water over the tea, then allow it to steep for 3–5 minutes, depending on how strong you like it. You want to give the leaves time to infuse to bring out the full flavour of the tea.
  4. Pour the tea into cups or mugs through a tea strainer, then enjoy with milk or a slice of lemon, with honey or sugar to sweeten, if desired.

Our plantation director, Tony Poyner, shares his advice on how to make the perfect cup of tea here, and answers the age-old question: which goes in the cup first, the tea or the milk?

Can you reuse loose-leaf tea?

Nerada has 360 hectares of black tea growing right here on the Atherton Tablelands, so we rarely need to reuse our loose-leaf tea! But yes, you can, in fact, reuse it. There are many factors to take into consideration though, including the strength of the tea, how long it’s been since it was first brewed, and the type of tea you’ve used. Check out some helpful tips on tea website Tea How.

If you’re reusing your tea, be sure to add a little extra steeping time to allow the flavours to develop fully again.

What’s the difference between the tea in teabags and loose-leaf tea?

At Nerada, we use the same tea for our teabags as we do in our loose-leaf teas. The only difference is how we treat the tea at the end of the process. Our plantation director, Tony Poyner, explains in this short video:

Can I get loose-leaf green tea in Australia?

Our master tea blenders have been hard at work trialing a new pesticide-free loose-leaf green tea that we’re selling in our Malanda Tea Room. We’re working on expanding to sell this more broadly in future, but for now, you can also buy our loose-leaf green tea through our online shop.

Where can I buy loose-leaf tea?

Nerada’s loose-leaf tea is not only grown pesticide free, it’s the #1 selling loose-leaf tea in Australia*. You’ll find it at an affordable price in most major Australian and New Zealand supermarkets, packaged in a cardboard box with a convenient pour spout.

We also have an exclusive loose-leaf range with refills, which you’ll find in our Malanda Tea Room and via our online store. If you’re in the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, be sure to stop in for a fresh pot of tea and try some of the unique blends for yourself. We have some exciting plans to keep adding to our range in future, so stay tuned!

* Nielsen, June 2020