Best gifts for tea lovers

With so many choices of tea at our fingertips, it’s no surprise that there’s also a growing interest in great tea gifts. If you’re wondering what tea accessories to choose, here’s a few ideas for what to give the tea lover in your life. The best part? They’re sure to invite you back for a cuppa, too!

What do you give a tea lover?


When it comes to the brew, a good kettle is essential. These days, there are so many to choose from, it can be quite bewildering. Will it be a fancy designer stovetop or handy Australian-designed electric? Whichever it may be, when you’re choosing a kettle – perhaps for a wedding gift or housewarming present – be sure to consider your recipient’s kitchen style, size and needs. Then, it’s just a matter of doing some research. And don’t forget, a regularly cleaned kettle filled with filtered water will make the best cup of tea every time.

Tea infusers

From quirky ‘mug-huggers’ to elegant silver dippers, or a plain-and-simple ‘tea-leaf ball’, a tea infuser makes a lovely gift idea for lovers of loose tea – be it your basic black tea or Earl Grey, or a soothing peppermint. They’re great for single usage, too, so loose-leaf tea drinkers can take their favourite brew to work, or make a quality cuppa at home without needing a teapot.


Whether it’s for infusing teabags or brewing loose leaf tea, a teapot is always a perfect gift choice. The best part about giving a teapot as a present is that you can ‘build’ on it by adding a matching milk jug the next time, perhaps, then a sugar bowl, and then teacups and saucers to create an heirloom tea service. From classic china to more contemporary glass teapots with inbuilt filters, there’s a world of choice. Plus, you can add variety by seeking out interesting Japanese-style or Chinese-style teapots as gifts to match your recipient’s favoured beverage, such as green tea. Or how about fossicking around in vintage or antiques shops for a collectable gift.

Tea scoops and spoons

Of course, lovers of loose-leaf tea will also need something made specially to add their favourite tea leaves to their teapot or infuser. You could seek out handcrafted individual tea scoops, or perhaps investigate antiques shops for a set of vintage teaspoons.


A matching teacup and saucer, or an interestingly designed mug is a no-brainer gift option for tea lovers. Once again, the choices are limitless – from elegant porcelain or delicate glass to unique, handcrafted ceramics. All that’s required is to put some thought into your gift recipient’s favourite style of tea, accessories and even how they like to drink their tea. Are they a tea sipper or mug cradler? Is their home modern and pared back or country classic? Or do they favour the delicate Chinese or Japanese style of tea-drinking? It’s just a matter of making the perfect tea-accessory match.

Tea gifts for tea drinkers

Of course, there’s no better gift for a tea lover than some fine-quality tea. You can shop online for a selection of our own beautiful loose-leaf teas available in decorative tins. They can be shipped from our Queensland home, Australia-wide. 

So, there you have it – when you’re thinking about what to give as a gift to a tea-lover, the ideas are endless.